The 12 Best Things To Do on Shrooms

Things To Do On Shrooms

Mushrooms can do many things; decompose trees, make soups delicious, and even turn our reality upside down. Magic mushrooms, more commonly referred to as shrooms, are some of the best tools that we have to change the way we sense and experience the world around us. So, how do we utilize all this potential? There is probably an infinite number of things you can do to enjoy your magic mushroom experience, but we’re here to tell you what should be at the top of your list. 

Some cultures have historically used the magic mushrooms in their rituals and traditions to get a spiritual or therapeutic psychedelic experience. Other people that don’t have clear access to rituals like these end up having to trade tips with other psychedelic enthusiasts on how to efficiently spend time on a shroom trip, or the right activities to indulge in that produce a high percentage of fun and healing.

Best Things To Do on Shrooms

Shrooms seem to have the ability to make almost anything fascinating, although some activities are better enjoyed when tripping than others. Do not try any of these experiences outside your normal access range; stay away from driving while tripping. Also, remember that the best way to enjoy your psychedelic experience is by starting low and moving up gradually, as well as tripping only in a place you feel comfortable. The “set”(your inner perceptions and emotions) and “setting”(your physical surroundings) have a huge part to play in how your trip goes. You can check out Shroomery, Reddit, and several other forums to check other ways you can improve your shroom experience. So, after you buy shrooms Canada, these are the best ways you can enjoy your amazing magic mushrooms.

1. Lay down on the Earth

Surrounding yourself with nature is a great idea whenever you’re tripping on magic mushrooms. Even if you start your trip indoors, you might feel the urge to go outdoors. You can even go for a hike or enjoy the newfound complexities of your own backyard. However, shrooms have a strong meditative quality that you can fully tap into by surrendering your body to the grounding effects of the Earth. Lying down on the Earth while tripping is further enhanced if you’re staring at some stars in the night sky or even at a forest canopy.

2. Listening to psychedelic music

For many years, shrooms have been influencing music, musicians, and music lovers. You can experience the psychedelic standard with The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” or Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”. However, classic rock is not the only genre of psychedelic music, with all types of music from electronica to R&B being used in the musical landscape of psychedelics. A Spotify playlist was developed at John Hopkins University that is said to boost the therapeutic effects of magic mushroom trips.

3. Painting with watercolors

Just like several other psychedelic substances, magic mushrooms have the ability to boost creativity significantly. You will begin to see patterns that you had never observed before and even observe shapes that never previously existed to you. It’s a great idea to keep a pencil and paper with you, but watercolors offer a more dreamy and soft way for you to reflect the energy that magic mushrooms provide. With the clouds drifting through the sky and thoughts doing the same through your mind, a watercolor brush might just be the most efficient method for you to document your psychedelic experience. 

4. Drinking some tea

Eating while tripping can turn out to be a very difficult experience so it’s important you have a good meal a couple of hours before the trip begins. Water is still very important, and water with some healthy leaves steeped in it can be excellent. Magic mushrooms make soft fragrances and notes even more beautiful to your senses. You can also help deal with any indigestion or nausea by using ginger tea, and green tea can also help in boosting your focus and alertness. Mellow your experience out with some gentle lavender tea, and prepare your body for bed with chamomile. Buy shrooms Canada from Canada Mushrooms now, and also get some delicious tea to boost your experience.

5. Spend time thinking about the unknown

Whether you plan to do this or not, you might end up doing it regardless. A lot of people have reported experiencing mystical occurrences when taking shrooms. Although most magic mushroom trips do not induce full-scale hallucinations, they usually bring inexpressible feelings that could change your perspective about a lot of things. This could happen in your mind or even through the conversations you have with people. You should have a notebook with you that you can use to write down any epiphanies, so you can integrate them later.

6. Contact the Fireside Project

If you have chosen to trip alone, or anyone in your group of shroomers needs some support while tripping, you can very easily contact the trained peer support volunteers from Fireside Project by texting or calling 62-FIRESIDE (623-473-7433). These volunteers are well-trained and highly experienced in helping you through any part of your psychedelic experience, whether you need someone to share a laugh with or someone to talk to as you go through a dark moment. You can even contact them after your trip and they will help you process and integrate all that you learned from your psychedelic experience that just ended.

7. Hugging a tree

While tripping in the outdoors, you might see yourself close to a tree. You might admire it or even feel like touching it. You could even take a further step and choose to give it a big, warm hug. It’s at that point you’ll understand what those “tree-hugging hippies” were all about. Shrooms have the amazing ability to make everything come alive, especially plants. They often seem like they’re breathing as the wind moves. You might suddenly see a tree close to your window as an old friend that needs some affection. You could even experience the fun activity of tree climbing, although you must make sure your safety is not compromised.

8. Meditate

You should be able to do this while also engaging in most of the other previously mentioned activities. If meditating means coming into presence (usually involves getting completely still and focusing all your attention on your breathing), you can do it while you listen to music, paint, or even while dancing. When you’re on shrooms, you can easily narrow your attention to the things around you and this boosts your sense of perception while the shrooms help to keep your body completely in the present. Many experienced psychonauts have used meditation as a method of unlocking some aspects of pleasure and happiness that they initially experienced while taking shrooms and LSD.

9. Taking a bath

There are many things you can do when you’re tripping, but the trip alone can be very overwhelming. The colors are more vivid, things are coming to life, and your muscles might even start aching. A quick and easy remedy is located in your bathroom. You can fill up a warm bath and escape from all these effects. As you float in the bath, it almost feels like you’re in the womb all over again. The peace and serenity that we all had before we had to start carrying our own weight. 

10. Walk barefoot

Yup, take those shoes off and walk around barefoot! Shrooms often help us to align with the earth, and there’s no better way to feel this closeness than directly connecting to the ground with your two feet. When you walk barefoot, there are several physiological benefits you can enjoy. It reduces the stress that comes from tight footwear and also stabilizes your muscles. If you are not used to walking barefoot, then it’s best that you do not try it through the whole hike. Simply putting your toes into some grass or sand can switch on some sensations that you might never have imagined. Some people even claim that they experience a grounding effect from walking barefoot that helps to boost energy and mood while also relieving any pain.

11. Go to a club

Note that this isn’t recommended for beginners or people on high doses. Since quarantine ended, more and more people have turned to low doses of magic mushrooms to enjoy themselves on the dance floor. Shrooms have the ability to make dancing feel more embodied and primal as the beats hit hard from the speakers. Shrooms can make it quite difficult for some people to navigate through a crowd, but others see it as a key that unlocks a great night.

12. Acknowledging and embracing your mortality

All kinds of mushrooms are decomposers. They consume some kind of matter that used to be alive, break the matter down, and then regenerate it into something completely different. This is why people often associate mushrooms with death, and shrooms at high doses can also cause ego death, which can end up being transcendent, terrifying, or a combination of the two. Even if your trip does not get to that level, having a solid shroom trip can bring thoughts and moments that increase your awareness of your mortality. Don’t be scared because this is totally fine. Magic mushrooms have been tested and theorized as one of the tools that can help us in facing the fear of death.


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