Should You Treat Depression With Pharmaceuticals or Magic Mushrooms?

Treat Depression With Pharmaceuticals or Magic Mushrooms?

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After performing some thorough research into the potential use of magic mushrooms in treating depression, we were able to find that psilocybin, which is the primary psychoactive compound found in the mushrooms, has been shown to help in effectively treating depression as well as several other mental illnesses.

Although, we did not have comparative research into how good psilocybin therapy can be, especially when compared with the traditional methods of psychological treatment. However, the New England Journal of Medicine recently published a study that helped provide some insight into this exact topic. After reading through the study, we have created an article here that will create a summary of all its findings. You can get your high-quality magic mushrooms when you buy shrooms Canada from Canada Mushrooms

This study’s primary purpose is to compare the efficiency of escitalopram and psilocybin in treating depression. Before we begin to compare these two, let us first talk about what exactly escitalopram is. 

Background of Escitalopram

Escitalopram, which is usually sold under the Lexapro and Cipralex brand name, is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressant. A lot of people that suffer from depression symptoms show signs of serotonin imbalance. Serotonin is a pretty complicated neurotransmitter that is produced naturally by the body. A whole series of articles could be written just about that chemical, as well as its purpose in the body and all the research about it, but the most important thing right now that you need to know is that serotonin is produced in the central nervous system. Some of the purposes it serves include regulating mood, sleep, appetite, and several other cognitive functions like learning and memory. 

People that suffer from depression usually show a low level of serotonin production, so a drug like Escitalopram is used to help the patients to regulate the level of serotonin production in their bodies, as well as reduce the symptoms of depression and possibly even cure it completely. 

Serotonin and Psilocybin

That sounds quite helpful but where does psilocybin fit into this conversation, and how does it relate to serotonin? Well, we have to go through a little journey here also. When magic mushrooms are consumed, the psilocybin is converted to psilocin, which is its sister chemical. After that period of processing, the psilocin then works to stimulate the brain’s serotonin receptors, and this works to effectively mimic the natural serotonin that the body produces. With the help of a trained medical professional, this psilocybin can be used as a natural alternative for creating the balance of serotonin levels in the body. You can also experience this benefit when you buy shrooms online from Canada Mushrooms.

Doctors have been performing some experiments with shrooms instead of manufactured drugs to help regulate serotonin levels in patients with depression. Although it has been pretty effective, there is not enough evidence from research yet to compare its effectiveness with pharmaceuticals.

So, now you’re fully caught up and it’s time to talk about the study itself.

The Methods of the Study

The study was performed as a controlled and double-blind trial at random with patients that had suffered from moderate to severe levels of depression over a long period. Over a timeframe of 6 weeks, the effects of psilocybin were compared to escitalopram and the patients were assigned in equal proportion, and each group received a comparable dose of each drug. At the end of the study, each patient was assessed on their symptoms of depression to compare how effective each treatment course was. The effectiveness was measured using the Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology-Self-Report (QIDS-SR-16), by comparing the difference in their reports before and following the treatments. 

In simple terms, the people were given scores based on their levels of depression, and then they were randomly split into two equal groups and given one of the drugs without knowing which of them they were taking. In the end, the results were studied and their depression level was examined again. 

Result of the Study

Out of the 59 patients that were studied, 29 were given escitalopram and 30 had psilocybin. The scores from the QIDS-SR-16 range from 0 to 27, and the higher the number, the greater the depression level. After the trial was over, the patients of the escitalopram group had their scores drop by an average of 6 points while those in the psilocybin group saw their scores drop by about 8 points. Although both of the treatments proved to be pretty effective, it makes for interesting reading that the psilocybin group recorded about 30% more decrease in depression levels than the patients in the escitalopram group.

Also, some secondary endpoints were examined which evaluated the anxiety, work, general wellbeing, and social functioning of each of the patients. Some patterns that favored psilocybin were also seen in these examinations.

Conclusions of the Study

Although it could be pretty tempting for anyone pushing for the widespread use of psychoactive medications to see this as a win and declare psilocybin as superior in treatment to pharmaceuticals, the truth is that these results remain far from conclusive. 

Medical research takes a long time, especially on a substance like psilocybin which is illegal in most countries around the world. However, change is gradually taking place with psilocybin research receiving investments daily, and research being performed back-to-back to find out just what these amazing drugs can do. You can also find out yourself when you buy shrooms Canada.

In the end, this trial was pretty small and it was conducted with a small group of patients over a short time. Before you can reach any definite conclusion, a lot more clinical research needs to be performed. George Goldsmith, who is the co-founder and CEO of Compass Pathways, a research group focused on psilocybin that is working to develop new ways to treat depression spoke about the research. He said that in a research field where it is quite hard to separate the treatments in comparative and effective trials, this study produced signals that favored therapy using psilocybin over escitalopram. This study is pretty encouraging as it also pushes the need to have more clinical investigations with larger sample sizes over a longer period to help determine precisely how effective psilocybin is in treating major depressive disorder. 

Parting Thoughts

The proof of the rehabilitating and healing properties of psilocybin mushrooms continues to grow daily. However, we have reached a new level of scientific research and this is something that we are yet to even scratch the surface of.

We also need to emphasize the fact that this article’s writer is not a medical professional, so if you believe you are suffering from major depressive symptoms or any similar mental illness, then you should speak to a trained medical professional. However, if you want to just buy shrooms online, you can easily find a great place to do that. 

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