Psilocybin Effect For Athletes?

Psilocybin For Athletes?

The use of psychedelics by athletes has always been frowned upon, mainly because it appears to give an undue advantage to the user. But things might be taking a sharp turn, and the use of psilocybin might just be the saving grace for athletes that go through head trauma. Recently, Dana White, who is the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, made it known that they are currently nose-deep into psychedelic research and how it can help their fighters. And it’s not only combat sports where such head trauma is experienced, so the research into this topic is quite necessary and essential in the grand scheme of sports.

psychedelic therapyEffects of Psychedelics on Athletes
It is a well-known fact that microdosing enhances the physical performance of an athlete, but it can also be used to deal with physical problems resulting from the activity performed, for example, head trauma. Going back to the UFC, they confirmed that they will be conducting a study into the health of their athletes’ brains to prevent head trauma by using magic mushrooms. They will be working along with the John Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research, which is a leader in psilocybin research. Their research has shown the potential for psychedelics to be used for their therapeutic effects on people that are inflicted with different kinds of mental and physical conditions, like addiction, depression, as well as brain injury. As interested as the UFC is about the potential capacity of psychedelics to help fighters, they have not begun or sanctioned its official use by their athletes. There is not even a specific time frame about when they want to begin its use, but they remain fully intent on knowing everything there is to know about psychedelics and their effect on their athletes. Several governments still classify psychedelics as Schedule I Drugs, saying there is no medical purpose and a high potential for drug abuse. But as research continues, especially from such reputable institutions like the John Hopkins Center, there is a growing belief that the use of psilocybin and other potentially helpful drugs, could be approved for usage by the government. The question now is, how will the sports world react after such approval is made?

Effects of Psychedelics on AthletesAthletes In Need
The sudden interest in psychedelics for athletes is actually not sudden at all. The case for athletes that go through some head trauma to take supplements like psilocybin has been around for several years now, but it seems to carry more weight now. Some UFC fighters have described what they do as giving and receiving PTSD. Trauma is stored in the tissue, so any serious damage that is taken by the head and the brain will be accumulated, and could then lead to several different mental disorders. The work they do eventually takes its toll, both on the body and the mind, so it is becoming increasingly important that a new and innovative way to deal with these problems is discovered. And that seems to be exactly what psychedelics are doing. Problems like addiction, memory loss, and depression are often found in such athletes, active or retired. A major problem though is that a lot of these athletes prefer not to reveal the mental problems they are going through, probably to maintain their aura of invincibility. UFC fights are just like most other contact sports like football, wrestling, hockey, and so on, in that they all can result in their athletes having some head trauma and brain injury. Things like a bloody nose or a concussion are unfortunately common happenings in these sports and sometimes the effects are not completely felt until long after the athlete’s retirement. What they suffer is commonly referred to as chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE. Have you watched the 2015 Biopic named “Concussion”? In this movie, Will Smith plays the character of Doctor Bennet Omalu in a quest to reveal to the N.F.L. the disastrous effect of head trauma and CTE on their athletes. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a degenerative brain disease that occurs in people who hit their heads on a hard surface constantly over a long period. The symptoms that come with CTE include mood problems, behavioral issues, as well as difficulty in thinking. The illness usually gets worse over time and it could lead to even more fatal mental illnesses like dementia or Alzheimer’s. I don’t think anything good can come out of people repeatedly suffering blows to the head, and if you still want a bit more of an explanation or a visual description of CTE, then you should watch the movie. There are several cases of former combat sports athletes or retired footballers who have become disabled or mentally ill years after retiring from their respective sport. As we said above, the effects of brain trauma might not be felt until long after the athlete has stopped performing, and this could be quite a hard thing to process for these athletes. This is one of the reasons why the tissue fixing effect of psychedelics is very essential. Buy shrooms canada on discounted price.

Now What?
Well, the question begs to be asked; “What Next?”. We know so much about CTE and head trauma that we should have ways to treat them effectively. Nevertheless, the discovery of psilocybin’s tissue fixing ability will continue to be researched and will hopefully be cleared for general use soon. It might be late now for the old champions to start psychedelic therapy, but the current athletes can be fully protected from CTE and any other possible mental illnesses. Apart from the tissue fixing ability, taking psychedelics has so many other benefits, and you can get some excellent quality psilocybin mushrooms from Canada’s top mushroom store. You can visit their website at to order your psychedelics. You can even enjoy their special offer of 50% of their products. Get some world-class magic shrooms from the Canada mushroom store, and have an excellent trip! 

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