Big Mexicans

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Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana commonly referred to as Mexican Magic Mushrooms or Big Mexicans. The famous chemist Albert Hofmann discovered the Psilocibina, -one of the psychoactive compounds in Magic Mushrooms. This variety has been used for many years. 2000 years ago the Aztecs used the Mexicana mushroom in their magic rituals. In which this civilization entered in contact with spirits and celestial entities.


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8 reviews for Big Mexicans

  1. Silas A.

    Awesome experience! I definitely had a different experience with this strain than the penis envy mushrooms. Definitely, the best tasting mushrooms iv ever ha. Less visual stuff, but more emotionally impactful.

  2. Shamilia C

    Very high-quality product. A lot more potent than I thought it would be, it was a pleasant surprise.

  3. Trisha Chetty

    I had an excellent time on these. My husband and I took some and went for a walk through the park and laughed the whole time.

  4. Marco Rojas

    Your mushrooms are amazing and we can’t wait to try the others too especially Golden Teacher.

  5. Mike Lee

    My friend wanted to feel a gentle impact, joy, fun, euphoria, and experience visual hallucinations. So we tried these Big Mexicans and just with approximately 5 grams of fresh mushrooms and 15 minutes after consuming it we could feel blood circulation. Going to order this beauty again!

  6. Raymond

    One of the benefits of these mushrooms is that it increases your imagination and original ideas, as well as your social activity and positive emotions. Hallucinations will occur with open and closed eyes. Patterns and discoloration as well as fractals and types. Try these again n again for a great experience!

  7. Marry

    It’s an amazing high to keep me active on days and helps me relax at night! Everyone needs to be energetic!

  8. James

    Keeps me active and concentrated in the field, an excellent thing for the sales people!

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