Amazonian Mushrooms

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Amazonian is one of the most potent super strain! This super-strain produce massive mushrooms, is a fast colonizer, strong, wild and high yielding. A very beautiful strain that remains beautiful from start to finish. It originates from Amazon as the name says Amazonian Cubensis Mushrooms. These mushrooms have a low abort rate and this was observed by its users in its natural habitat. For sure a must-have for your collection!


3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G

7 reviews for Amazonian Mushrooms

  1. Shimron Hetmyer

    Amazonians were super mellow and wavy, every peak I could feel myself melting down and reassembling.

  2. Leigh Kasperek

    Had about 4 grams and experienced some really beautiful and bright visuals. I would definitely buy these again!

  3. Ridenton

    Pretty much perfect for any kind of trip. Really great service too! thank you canadamushrooms.

  4. Leanne R.

    My new favorite mushrooms. Arrived in great condition.

  5. Caz Bonnet

    While I was checking what to take on the weekend at a party I found this Amazonian super strain and most potent product. Giant mushrooms are a faster way to colonize, these are strong and wild with high yielding. An awesome strain that makes you feel the amusement from start to end!

  6. Matthew

    To get the mood fixing it’s the best thing I have tried so far… got it from my girl and could not have enough of it…

  7. J Harvey

    Great stuff needs great people to produce… it’s an amazingly super-potent strain a must-have for my collection!

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