Afghan Hammer Indica Deadhead Chemist

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Afghan Hammer is an Indica dominant that created from crossing the classic afghan and mazar strains. You’ll feel couch-locked and super relaxed, which makes you ready to fall asleep.


3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G

4 reviews for Afghan Hammer Indica Deadhead Chemist

  1. Samuel

    If you want to be couch-locked super relaxed and fall asleep quickly then you must try this incredible Afghan Hammer it’s a dominant Indica that is created from crossing the classic afghan and Mazar strains. It’s a blessing in disguise for muscle relaxation!

  2. Willie

    clear-headed and calm just ready to sleep…

  3. M Robert

    I have serious schizophrenia, and Afghani has been the most successful therapy I’ve attempted. The regular Indica has a little psychoactive effect on me, but this Afghani gives me Peace!!!!

  4. jimmy

    You can see it because it’s powerful with its own sense, but it’s still extremely coherent not at all forgetful. Ideal for learning. Concentrated. The body effects, on the other hand, are VERY intense. Five stars!

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