Dimethyltryptamine might just be the boost you’ve always needed to unlock the full potential of your brain. There is a group of drugs known as Nootropics, and they are basically supplements that can improve the cognitive function in humans, particularly creativity, enthusiasm, and memory. In essence, it refers to brain enhancers. There have several inquiries as to how effective these supplements actually are, but there is no question as to how much of them that people buy every year, with the Nootropics industry bagging over a billion dollars per annum. 

A common example of Nootropics can be found in caffeine, which is used by many people to stay alert and more focused than normal. There are several other such supplements, with some being used to treat mental illnesses like narcolepsy and ADHD. These drugs have several uses, and because of their ability to boost focus and alertness, they are often by students and guards. And with so many available supplements, it makes it quite incredible how DMT has stormed in to take the place as one of the most effective stimulants available today.

DMT has the unique ability to modulate brain plasticity, and this means it has the potential to be used for the treatment of a range of neurological and psychiatric disorders. The truth is that humans generate new brain cells continually, but the rate at which they are produced reduces as we grow older. So, illnesses like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, which are known to attack the elderly specifically, can potentially be treated by DMT.

Dealing With DMT Side EffectsDealing With DMT Side Effects

Hallucination is the main side effect that users of DMT talk about experiencing. Research has shown that the type-2A brain receptor, which is the cause of the hallucinogenic effect, was changed to a sigma type receptor. This study reveals that DMT can be given to those patients who only need the “brain-stimulating” effect, without the hallucinations and other “trip” effects. This is a great piece of research especially when you consider elderly patients who do not want to go on a psychoactive trip, but who need the brain-boosting that can be gotten from DMT. People who suffer from neurodegenerative diseases face the problem of forming new neurons to replace the ones that die. We can now see that DMT can activate neural stem cells, and form new neurons.

More Than Just A Neuron Booster

DMT does more than help to boost your neurons and it can help your body to form other brain cells like oligodendrocytes, which are linked to boosting IQ, as well as astrocytes, which fix damaged tissue. This research was found after several years of studying the effect of DMT on mice, and the effect of the drug showed an increased brain speed and capacity by the animal. Other studies and experiments that have been performed have shown that ayahuasca infusion has a therapeutic effect on the body, as well as an antidepressant effect. A straight connection has also been created between DMT and greater learning processing and memory, because of the increase in brain cell regrowth.

More Than Just A Neuron BoosterWhen Can I Have Some DMT?

Unfortunately, scientists are still yet to know how to package the DMT supplements so they work specifically for brain-boosting purposes. But, be assured that there is a lot of research laid out in coming years regarding the medical use and effects of Dimethyltryptamine. Several people are already taking doses of DMT to amplify their cognitive abilities, with some even preferring to use it with the hallucinogenic effects in place. However you see it, DMT can be a great tool for those who need some serious mental stimulation. And if you do want some DMT or other psychedelics to give you that stimulation you need, head over to to get your top-tier magic shrooms. You can even get 50% of your entire order; but it is for a limited amount of time. So click on that link now, and purchase some high-quality magic mushrooms.

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