Murakami’s Mushrooms

Murakami’s Mushrooms

Mushrooms are pretty fascinating. They come in many different shapes, they can be highly nutritious or straight-up poisonous. They can also be just a side dish on your meal, or they take your mind to an otherworldly level. You can partake in this otherworldly adventure when you buy shrooms Canada from Canada Mushrooms. They are mysterious plants, growing in the weirdest places and under strange conditions. There is a lot jammed into these creatures and they have inspired humans in several ways, especially in art and literature.

We are highlighting the role of mushrooms in the work of renowned artists by celebrating one of the most renowned artists today, Takashi Murakami from Japan. You can also buy shrooms Canada to draw some inspiration!

He began his career with an education in the arts, getting a BFA in Japanese painting from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1986. He later went back to get his Ph.D. in 1993. 

Shortly after, he started to create a mash-up style that combined contemporary pop art with traditional Japanese painting. He trademarked it as “Superflat”, which is a great term to encapsulate how he creates the image in a two-dimensional flattened form, in direct contrast to the Western art which is usually three-dimensional and much more lifelike. 

The Fun in Fungi

Murakami made the first out of his many pieces in 1999, and it was a painting that he called “Super Nova”. It was a painting made up of a line of cartoon-like mushroom figures in technicolor hues and hallucinatory patterns. Each aspect was layered on a common visual plane and it is a great example of the Superflat style of Murakami. This subject matter was a nod towards the long-standing interest of his country in mushrooms, with the psychedelic patterns, cartoonish look, and vibrant palette relating to the amazing effects of psilocybin. You can also experience these potent effects when you buy shrooms online from Canada Mushrooms.

He has a great interest in the fungi and this put him on a list of great Japanese artists like Takehisa Yumeji, who often featured mushrooms in his textile designs and paintings in the early 20th century, as well as Itō Jakuchū, who also added mushrooms to his lovely images of flora and fauna back in the 18th century.

The cloud over mushrooms

The kind of association that Japanese culture changed sporadically after the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings in 1945. This massive devastation that came with its massive mushroom cloud, as well as the many years of nasty and deadly radiation following the bombings, attached some trauma to mushrooms in the area. People began to associate mushrooms with toxicity and mutation instead. 

This complication appears each time Murakami produces a painting of mushrooms. His 2002 acrylic painting named Army of Mushrooms, which was a follow up to Super Nova is another collection of mushroom characters influenced by anime that blends the ancient Japanese love for fungi with modern pop culture, while also including some dark subtleties.

At first look, the collection of cartoonish mushrooms from Army looks similar to Kawaii, which is a Japanese notion where the characters are super-cute-looking children. This style of figures brings about Gashapon, the small collectible figures that can be purchased from Japanese vending machines. Upon closer inspection, this brings focus to the more creepy details of the characters with their never-blinking eyes, sharp fangs, and stalks shaped like tendrils. The psychedelic properties of psilocybin mushrooms come with their trippy patterns and bright colors, as well as the otherworldly nature of the actual mushrooms, with their drowsy eyes and constantly spaced-out expressions.

Murakami again tried out this theme with Posi Mushroom in 2007. This is a painting that brings together a collection of mushroom characters and mashes them together using an ancient Japanese theme and some modern anime-like twists, with psychedelia. Murakami says that mushrooms are cute and erotic to him while evoking, especially in the Western imagination, which is the incredible and fascinating world of fairy tales. You can also push your creative side out when you buy shrooms Canada from Canada Mushrooms.

With how rich the subject of this theme is, and its versatility and mystery behind it, there is no doubt we will see a lot of mushrooms in future creations from Murakami. 

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