Smoking cannabis wax might seem confusing or complex to anyone that has never tried it before, but it is a very exciting and enjoyable way of consuming cannabis. Although most people do not know how to smoke wax using a weed pipe, you can learn easily. This article will tell you everything you need to […]

Canada Mushroom

Magic mushrooms are cultivated or wild mushrooms that contain psychedelic substances. They can be purchased from a variety of online dispensaries, and foragers can hand-pick them at random because they grow naturally. Without a doubt, the best online dispensary for shrooms is Canada Mushrooms. Their price range is well-known. However, mushrooms can also be purchased […]

How Long Before The Shrooms Kick In?


The short answer to this question is that there is no standard scale to show how long it would take for your magic mushrooms to give you the effect you’re looking for. Several factors combine to determine how much time would be taken before a shroom user felt the full psychedelic effect. Usually with dried […]

Ways To Intensify Your Mushroom Trip

Ways To Intensify Your Mushroom Trip

When you want to buy shrooms in Canada, you must remember that taking too much psilocybin content at once can have adverse effects on the human body. To avoid this, you can take magic mushrooms at safe doses first to mitigate the more debilitating effects and still intensify the ultimate experience via a gradual increment […]

Intensifying Your Mushroom Trip

Intensifying Your Mushroom Trip

Okay, so we have walked through the history of shrooms and Golden Teacher Mushrooms. You will likely never have a bad trip, especially if you use our Canada Mushroom products. We are going to walk you through how to get the most out of your shrooms and enjoy them as best as you can! Canada […]

Overcoming A Bad Magic Shroom Trip

Bad Magic Shroom Trip

The mind is the most beautiful thing ever created and when psychedelics are introduced to it, it could either create a wonderful and exhilarating experience or another that is loaded with nightmares. And although bad shroom trips are uncommon, it is advisable to be set up in the event that you have one. A Bad […]

Getting A Balanced Proportion Of Magic Mushroom


A lot of times, choosing the right budget, the right dosage of a medication, is a tedious process at the best of times, and the herculean task at its worst. It’s considered essential to be savvy of the right dosage for your magic mushroom to avoid adverse effects of negative psychedelic experiences. To the detrimental […]

Psychedelics Relieves Pain

Psychedelics Relieves Pain

Study has revealed that a lot of persons as a result of the demands of their jobs, hectic lifestyle, health conditions and sometimes conditions beyond their reach often suffer from severe and chronic pain. Hence, they are constantly on the look pout for all sorts of pain relievers i.e., Tylenol, Advil, or anything that comes […]

The Best Ways To Enjoy Your Magic Mushroom Trip


Magic mushrooms have been around for quite a while but have been put to different uses, for different purposes; for healing and spiritual purposes. There are historical footprints that show its effects on humans and the significance of its existence. The aftermath of a Magical mushroom trip is a two-way thing; it can be good […]

How Long Does a Magic Mushroom trip last?

Magic mushrooms trip last

In preparing up for your shroom trip, you must be well informed about how long it will take for the effects of psilocybin to last in your body. Part of what shrooms do is to reprogram your temporal system which alters your sense of time. It warps your sensitivity to time and there is a […]