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We are here to provide you with only the finest Canada has to offer in Psilocybin. We have been passionate about mushrooms for years and love how society has started to choose psilocybin as a means to connect with their inner self & to find healing benefits within these magical herbs.  We are constantly upgrading our products to better serve our clientele. We are here to deliver quality products right to your door step!

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Parker B

Holy fuckin shit!

Me and my buddies went on a trip and took 1.5grams each of these potent Amazonians.  The hallucinations were absolutely beautiful. I saw Buddhas and Ancient Romans. Everything was so clear and moved so peacefully and perfectly. I still cant believe what I experienced that day. Thank you Canada Mushrooms for this experience

Anonymous (verified owner)

Fast delivery and free chocolate bites! WOW thank you very much canadamushrooms! Can’t wit to try!!!!

Ashley R (verified owner)

Great energy microdose! Will continue using!

Jasonee (verified owner)

Yup delivery very fast, 1 week for me. Blue meanies were super potent make sure you in for a experience of excitement. Kept saying hang on and just ride it out to everyone 🤣😆🔥

Jamesko (verified owner)

Delicious and great high. 1gram unicorns are the new hit!

Shelly M. (Verified owner)

Got my order very fast despite Covid! Very happy!

KK (verified owner)

Canada mushrooms are legit, arrived fast!

Anonymous (verified owner)

Wicked trip! Took 4 grams of the Blue Meanies, it was an amazing experience

Anonymous (verified owner)

Wow! Amazing 


Chelsy A. (verified owner)

Amazingly great, as expected!